Sunday, May 11, 2008


Creating Vista Gadget using HTML, CSS, & JavaScript

If you ever wanted a book on Creating Vista Gadgets, with lots of useful samples. Here is a book on the topic. Click here to buy the book.

releasing on "May 19, 2008"

Table of Content

Advanced Gadgets included in the book

This book has advanced samples using ActiveX (COM), Ajax, & Microsoft Silverlight. This guide will walk you through the process of designing and developing of each of them.

(a) Build a Blog Gadget using RSS /Atom Feed

MyBlog Gadget will walk you through a complete gadget development lifecycle using an online RSS/Atom Feed. We see the design patterns and standard practices, common assumptions and then add advanced features to the gadget with multiple feeds and advance page and record management.

(b) Create an Information Gadget with Ajax

Site Statistics Gadget uses Ajax and a Web API provided by to create a unique Information Gadget which mimics the online free service provided by It shows how to do screen scraping and load part of a web page in the Flyout window.

(c) Develop a Utility Gadget using ActiveX COM technology

Most Recent Used (MRU).Net Projects is a innovative gadget which lists Most Recent Used projects in .Net. It shows projects for Visual Studio 2003, Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008. The gadget also shows how to read and enumerate registry data. The gadget also explains how to use advanced features of Windows Power Shell and Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) in a sidebar Gadget.

(d) Incorporate Internet Radio and YouTube Video in Fun Gadgets

Learn to create a Radio Gadget based on an online streaming server and Video Gadget using a YouTube Video feed. The gadgets also show how to incorporate windows Media Player as well as Flash Media Player inside a Sidebar gadget. See how to use XMLDOM to read online feed instead of Ajax approach.

(e) Create Cutting edge Sidebar gadget using Microsoft Silverlight

Silverlight World Clock Gadget shows time for multiple cities of the world. It also gives you an insider view of XAML and Microsoft Silverlight. Know the programming model of Silverlight in gadget development.

(f) Developing a Sidebar Gadget using Microsoft Popfly.NET

Website Comparison Gadget uses Microsoft to create an innovative gadget which compares the popularity of different websites with the help of services provided by Live Search and Microsoft Bar graph. It shows how to create the mashups in minutes and port it to Sidebar platform.

I would like to hear any questions/ comments/ suggestions, you may have !

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Hi Rajesh..
Your book on creating Vista Gadgets was very helpful in developing a Windows 7 Gadget.

Hi Rajesh..
Your book on creating Vista Gadgets was helpful in developing my first Windows 7 Gadget for our project..

Thanks Kiran, made my day do add your review at amazon
Hello Rajesh, Nice info thanks for sharing
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